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MEE Business Sector Services

insinoorinaiset3MEE Business Sector Services is a service provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. The purpose of the service is to co-ordinate and develop information services and to facilitate work performed by SME sector managers. Customers can access the information service to obtain sector reports and regional economic prospects, as well as Business Sector Online statistics.

Expert services

Expert services are provided by sector managers across the country. Regional experts work in Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) as specialists in matters related to business project financing, development or counselling.

Regional economic prospects

Chart and penThe Regional economic prospects publication presents the views of the regional ELY centres on the region’s current situation and short-term development.  Development prospects in four different theme areas are assessed:  trade and industry, employment, unemployment and balanced regional structure.

Sector managers’ views on financing

To support sector reports, sector managers prepare their own views on financing to help target the financial aid provided by ELY centres and to develop business activities. The views on financing represent each author’s personal opinions.

The objective is to combine the financing views, sector reports and statistics provided through the Toimiala Online service into a comprehensive information package that provides support for business project planning and processing, and helps to plan employee training.

logoSector reports

Sector reports form an analytical publication series in Finnish on the current situation and the future outlook for various industries in Finland. The reports contain a description of the industry sector, statistics, and forecasts, including interpretations. They provide researched facts for various stages of business activities. The ‘Internationalisation’ section in the reports addresses the sector’s export prospects. All sector reports include an abstract in Swedish.

As a rule, sector reports are updated annually. They are available free of charge online in easy-to-print PDF format.  In addition, sector-specific regional expert seminars are held every autumn. New sector reports are published in connection with these free-of-charge seminars. As an example "The Mining Industry" sector report:

Sector reports

Key statistics, which are automatically updated from the Toimiala Online service, are provided with each sector report. The sector report series contains more than 100 publications published in 2005 and later.

Sector Reports Brochure (pdf) (1.1 MB)

SECT ONL SRGB 600 15mmSector Online

The Sector Online and Regional development online statistics are information systems maintained by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, providing extensive, up-to-date statistics on the development of business activities and the economy. Information providers for the system include  Statistics Finland, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, Finnvera, Customs, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA), the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Sector Online

Other activities

MEE Business Sector Services, together with Finnvera, the Finnish Tourist Board and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, annually organise various sector-specific events for experts working in ELY centres, Finnvera and in various financial institutions.